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Elite Sports Massage Therapy with OTT Training
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Sports Massage

Sports Massage

I offer two types of massage-Swedish and Sports. Every massage is 60 minuets long and will include a consultation.

Swedish Massage from £40

As the best-known type of massage performed today, the Swedish massage is an exceptionally beneficial technique that is used to promote a good level of oxygen in the blood, increase blood flow and completely relax the body. It is commonly used in conjunction with sport, as it is able to improve flexibility and decrease toxins in the muscles, enabling you to train harder and reduce the recovery period.

Sports Massage from £40

Sports massage is aimed at athletes of any kind, from world-class champions to evening joggers. A sports massage is a highly recommended form of massage as it can be used pre, post and during training sessions or events and can even be used on a regular basis. This technique concentrates on increasing the recovery time between sessions, enhancing joint range movement and helps to break down waste products such as lactic acid. Sports massage is also very good at preventing injury and often clients will see visual and physical improvements after undergoing this form of massage.

Rock Tape from £5 with any session

Rock Tape, also known as kinesiology sports tape, is an extremely versatile product that is used by practitioners throughout the world. It is most commonly used to treat injuries, improve physical performance, reduce swelling and support, compress or decompress weak or injured areas. Rock Tape is famously used by athletes such as Serena Williams, and Katrin Holtwick.



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92-98 Northease Drive



Qualified In

  • Level 4 VTCT Sports Massage
  • Level 3 VTCT Swedish Full Body Massage
  • ROCK TAPE Application
  • First Aid


"Natalie Golland is truly remarkable when it comes to keeping a body going. I decided to get on a health kick about 2 and a half years ago but at a weight of almost 20 stones, it was inevitable that hard Cardio Vascular sessions in the gym were going to take their toll on my body. Whilst my personal trainer seemed hell bent on breaking everything in my body, Natalie was there constantly to put things back together again. Every little ache, twinge, niggle was dealt with. More seriously though, when injuries such as a pulled hamstring seemed set to delay my progress for a while, 3 sessions with Natalie and 10 days later, I was back on the treadmill doing 12kms. I now do a lot of work with weights and there are occasional injuries as I lift heavier weights to build up muscle and Natalie has still managed to ensure that my progress in the gym has not been limited by these injuries. Her skills as a sports therapist for me are proven in the way she has managed to keep my training going throughout this time, despite the fact that there have been injuries which could have set me back both mentally and physically. Does it hurt? Oh yes. But does it work? ABSOLUTELY. I would recommend Natalie without hesitation."

Phil Barber

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