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Personal Training

Personal training is used by many different people for many different reasons. Each and every client will have different goals and aspirations that they want to achieve and as a personal trainer it is my job to ensure I get them to where they want to be using different forms of training, support, advice, motivation and much more.
Having a personal trainer is a great way to make lifestyle changes that you otherwise would be unable to make on your own. All sessions are built around you as an individual and so consequently, you are able to optimise the full potential of each workout, learn appropriate techniques and correct forms.
Having an injury can often stop you from working out but when you are in the safe hands of  an OTT Training personal trainer you can rest assured knowing that they will adapt each session accordingly.
All personal training sessions are built in a way that will maximise your workout yet minimise the time of the session. The standard duration of a session is 60 minutes long, but this can be adjusted to suit you.
The great thing about training with OTT Training is that we can come to you! You can chose to train somewhere local like Hove Laws, Shoreham Beach, The Sussex Downs, Hove Park or you can even chose to have the session(s) in your back garden or living room.
If you have a busy lifestyle then OTT Training are happy to train with babies, young children or pets close by, so long as we are in a safe place to do so. OTT Training provides a wide range of equipment including kettle bells, hand weights, medicine balls, power bags and TRX, which is used for own body weight exercises. 
So, whether you are looking to train for a sporting event like 5k, marathons or simply just want to get in shape, tone up and lose weight, OTT Training is here to help.
Options & Prices
One off session (from £35)
One off sessions are ideal for gifts and are great for those that want some insight on what to expect from a personal trainer.
Session package (from £180)
A session package consists of a 30 minute long complimentary consultation with a trainer who will discuss exactly what your goals, wishes and expectations are in full detail.
Upon agreement, the trainer will then create a completely personalised programme, which will cover all aspects of your aims and objectives. The package will include 6 1hr sessions, a fitness assessment, a nutritional plan, body measurement and weigh in. You will also receive a training program to do in your own time (this also covers programs for sport related events).
Group sessions (from £20pp)
Groups sessions are a great way to get fit with the support of close friends and family members.
For more details please email me via natalie@otttraining.com or give me a call on 07810 448920

Qualified In

  • Level 3 YMCA Personal Training
  • Level 3 YMCA Exercise Nutrition
  • Circuit Training
  • Boxercise Instructor
  • Spinning Instructor
  • Military Kettlebell and Powerbag
  • Born to Move Les Mills
  • BDS Check
  • First Aid


"I have been training with Natalie Golland for just over a year and a half and it was hands down the best decision I ever made. For me it wasn't just about the weight loss it was about a life style change. I train with Natalie once a week and no two sessions have been the same; she’s always tailored it to my fitness level so the sessions gradually get harder as my fitness improves. I really enjoy working with the TRX as it was something I originally struggled with. Natalie suggested we do monthly weigh-ins which has enabled me to measure my progress and keep me on track. She’s constantly supportive and always encourages me to do more. Since training with Natalie I have lost 4 stone and I wouldn't have been able to do it without her."

Mica Coom

"I discovered the joy of kettle bells during one of my regular training sessions with Natalie Golland. I initially thought that they were for exercising the arms only but soon discovered that when used properly, they exercise all parts of the body. They look really simple to use but getting the right movement from the hips took me a few tries to get the hang of using them properly, something I am told is essential to avoid back injuries. It is essential to get the swing right but with Natalie’s expert knowledge; I soon got used to the knack of it and found it quite exhilarating afterwards. I have learnt the basic moves of using them at the moment but it has made me very keen to learn even more and it is a great way of building stamina, weight loss and improving my co-ordination. I really enjoy them becoming part of my training programme."

Sheila Walker

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